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  1. Can the rebuilding of images just be done on individual categories rather than every image?
  2. I know of that plugin but its not a youtube video - it is a live video stream from a webcam. It is actually being pulled from another site (with permission!)
  3. I also have the same problem - can you help?
  4. Currently using the BT Foto/photography template for my site. I've been asked to add a webcam stream into one of the articles using iframe script. The video will display but only seeing a small section of the video frame. What do I need to adjust? Site is
  5. Thank you for replying, but my problem is now "fixed" by Kien NB. Please see previous forum post from another member (identical problem) Kien NB posted a "" file which when overwritten in my BT Folio "page" immediately resolved my problem. Thanks for your support. Jo
  6. Thank you for your fast reply........your suggestion and "" file has fixed my problem. Very impressed with Bowthemes support. Again thank you. Jo
  7. I too have this problem which has not been publicly answered. Were you able to resolve this problem please? Like yourself, I have followed the other instructions and PNG's to no avail. Thanks
  8. My question is a repeat of one previously asked....but not publicly answered. My BT Folio HOME page has BT Slideshow Pro running well, but I find despite following all the PNG tips on the previous member's post, I cannot display articles. So my question really can I display/publish articles AND use the Slideshoe pro on my HOME page? I have discovered that if I publish the Slideshow in positions 'user 1-3', they all display, but NOT when it's default position of 'slideshow'. My articles are labelled as 'featured' as instructed. The previous reply was to allow external access to the URL and that Bowthemes would resolve, however as my current developement Joomla site is on a localhost, it is not easy to provide this access. May I request that any 'fixes' be published openly for public perusal. Joomla 2.5 Thanks
  9. Hi All Is it possible to allow users to create and then upload photo's into a portfolio? Or is that only possible in the back end?
  10. Hi All Trying to change the logo on my site. Have changed the height/width of the logo in the template.css file but my logo is still sitting below the coloured bar. How do I change this? Also on my gallery page the logo doesn't display properly at all?
  11. I've sent you a message with site/login details For others who could possibly help - web address is I have an existing site at but I want to be using the new one as first is too basic These are some of my issues: Image: Content slider does not go full width of page or scroll I would also like to change the font colour of the headline on the home page slideshow I have managed to fix the lines across the photos Thanks Jo
  12. Hi All Downloaded and installed template last night. Having a few problems with my site though. 1. Content slider module menu does not go across full width of page 2. Slider module does not allow me to scroll 3. Unsure how to remove the overlay lines across pictures in the slideshow 4. How do I change the font colour over the pictures on the slideshow? Any help appreciated. Jo