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  1. Hello :):):) I did everything according to the recommendations, but unfortunately the category list is not displayed. I can only view your pictures from this category. I attach screenshots. I wanted to point out that I had trouble seeing page after installation. I could only open the Admin page. Template I installed the QuickStart package. I had to reinstall the same template. After installation, it does not operate a component of BT Media Gallery. I also had to reinstall the component itself. URL: historia.cyfrak.com Regards Ryszard Kudlicki
  2. Hello :):):) Is it possible to display on the website, the list of categories of components of BT Media Gallery? Regards Ryszard
  3. Hey :) I have a question. Can I change the color template permanently? Change coloru in the options template is not working. The color change is saved but the color template is unchanged. Please help. Regards Ryszard
  4. Hello Many thanks for your quick response. Everything works. Regarding the first point, I advised myself. It turned out that there were limitations PHP server to send mail. Once again, thank you very much for your help. Regards
  5. Hello all I have a problem with BT Quick Contact. 1. After completing the form and try to send get the error: ERROR_SEND_EMAIL 2. Where can I change the text on the key "Send Message" to another language Regards Ryszard
  6. Hello For how do I send e-mail to the administrator account login ? Regards
  7. Hello all I have a problem with mega menu. I can not insert item caption. At the time of writing I killed logos, previously inserted and additionally T3Framework logo appears. In general template goes into some strange settings and I have everything set up from the beginning. Sorry for my English
  8. Hi :) I have a problem with the date format. I was able to change the date format to "d / m Y" in the BT CONTENTSLIDER, but in the Articles flag is still in the format "m / d Y" and I can not change that. Of course I read the thread Please help.