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  1. Hi, Little question, i've been working on this mobile theme from you, but once i've set my own menu in stead of the demo menu, the template isn't responsive anymore. My text (in K2 and as well in the 'regular' articles) just cut off the mobile side. In the Template Manager the 'Enable Responsive' is on, and I can't see the problem here. Can you help?
  2. Oke? How is that working? Any suggestions? Recards Pim
  3. Hello, Once you click on Center, you will see a double infonumber in the top-visual. One is floating and one on the right who is fixed in the visual. Pim
  4. Hello, I tryed to use the module BT Floater for a switch in several languages (images with phonenumbers) and it floats indeed. A question. Is it possible to get the position fixed? Look at www.macrider.com and click on CENTER. You wil see a floating phonenumber (this is your module). but it have to be at the position of the one on the right. That one is saved in the background. We going to correct that (remove) once the floating module is fixed to that position. Be sure to click the dutch flag at the bottom. Thanks in advanced. Pim