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  1. Yes, that's right and that is the point i want to fix in the website : auto adjust height in regard of the screen resolution of the user ! :)
  2. Best Rasu, If you hold on Ctrl and minus "-" you will see that the theme isnt adjustable. If you have a small screen laptop 13" it works fine. But if you see the website from a huge 30", the white space is appaering, that is the white i want to avoid : force resolution or something like that. Thanks for your further answer
  3. Hey again, here is a screenshot, hope its more clear. Thanks in advance Rasu,
  4. Hello Rasu, Thank you for the answer. Here is the url : If you need admin access, please tell me in mp. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, Could you please help me to fix this little problem with BT_Mobile_apps. I ve created a website for a buddies with very few content. And there is a problem : the height is not adjusting with the screen resolution of the users. Is it possible to automatically adjust the height of the website regarding to the screen resolution of users ? Thank you in advance for your support. Greeting from Belgium Paradigme
  6. Thanks its perfect
  7. Found the topic on this forum :)
  8. Hello Everyone, This short topics just to ask you if you have an image of the Module Position for the BT mobile Apps Theme. Thanks in advance, Paradigme
  9. Solved by reading this topic :
  10. Hey Everybody ! I've downloaded your great template BT Mobile. I've uploaded the Quickstart Package to my ftp, configuration is working, but when i'm logging in to the back end my admin name and password doesn't work ? I've just install the template so didn't make any modification by back-end. Could you please help me figure that ? Thanks in advance
  11. Dear BowThemes Team, a french speakin' sorry in advance. 1. BT Tabs and Quick Contact Just this topics to know how i can update the Title of the Tabs from BT Tabs and from BT Quick contact. (see in below) I've just bought the BT Travel pack and thoses option doesnt up when i change the module. Question : Where do we change the name of the tabs ? 2. BT Gallery I've change the place of the BT Gallery module to "Hotel-Flight" Module, but it s seems that he doesn't want to fit the place. Question : Is it possible to do this ? Question 2 : If not, do you guys know a good module to add to showcase random images from the gallery ? Thanks in advance for your further answer JS