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  1. Hi, since I translated the terms above the social networking services icons, these icons fail to show. Any idea why? Thanks
  2. Problem solved :-)
  3. Hi again, I wondered how to show the user name in any module, not only the login. I would like to put "Hello *username*" somewhere on the left side of the screen. Thanks.
  4. Let me check up again with my users.
  5. In the first image you can see the module's title (Destacados) and part of the first three included articles. In the second image you can only see the top blue border line (under which you can see the first article already). I don't know what causes the BT Slider module not to appear fully. The module is now included back in the homepage. Tnx, Guy
  6. Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  7. I did what you suggested and it solved the design problem (thanks!). But now I have another problem: Since I reinstalled the module, nothing shows apart from the top border line. Any insights?
  8. Ok, thanks.
  9. Where can I control the padding width of a BT module?
  10. I also tried to uninstall and reinstall the 2.2.2 version of the module - but same sesult. Although now I can't see anything apart from the module's top line.... stange. PD. In order not to keep the website offline, I assigned the module only to the first menu item (link) in the left bottom menu. Appreciate the help.
  11. Hei, where is my PM inbox?
  12. Thanks a bunch, Didier, the border was eliminated. But the padding remains (see image). You know how can I get rid of it?
  13. Sent by PM. Tnx.
  14. Hi tronghm, Of course, in fact a couple of these topics (one or two) were initiated by myself. But solutions I thought helped me, it seems that didn't help other users, or maybe using other browsers (I don't know which one is used by which user), or sometimes helped but didn't solve a different problem. I've been trying for days to solve them altogether, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I would appreciate any advice you could spare. Regards, Guy