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  1. Hi Kien. I noticed something strange with the K2 component of the BT Travel template. In the K2 administrator, when I change the settings to only allow Registered users to post comments to K2 articles, the comment form disappears, even when I am logged in as a registered user. Can you explain what is causing this? Is there another setting I need to adjust? Thanks! Tim
  2. Hi Kien. I just sent you an email. I needed to do a re-install of Joomla and the BT Travel template....can you install the quickstart package again? I included the link and FTP info in the email. Thank you in advance for your help! Tim
  3. I have installed JomSocial and it seems to work fine with the BT Travel template; however, the K2 users do not integrate with the JomSocial profiles. How do I default K2 Users to the JomSocial profiles? Thanks- Tim
  4. How can I add more than 6 items to display on the Main Menu in the BT Travel template? I installed JomSocial and it appears on the Main Menu just fine. When I installed my next extension (EasyBlog), it wouldn't show on the menu even though I have it published. I can get it to display if I change the ordering, so I think some setting is limiting the number of items displayed to 6 and I can't find where to change it. Thanks- Tim
  5. Thanks for the fast help!!
  6. Hi. I just bought the BT Travel template. I followed the first 3 steps of the User Manual with no problems. For Step 4 I went to this page as instructed: http://bowthemes.com/how-to-install-bow-themes-template-quickstart-pack.html I extracted the Quickstart zip file and FTP'ed all of its folders & files to my server like it said. When I go to the index page in the installation folder, the page is already on "step 7: Finish" and says the following message: PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THE INSTALLATION FOLDER. You will not be able to proceed beyond this point until the installation directory has been removed. This is a security feature of Joomla!. So I removed the installation folder. Once I did this, I went back to the main site and it looks exactly the same as it did before I started the Quickstart install. Nothing has changed! Why is this not working like the instructions say? Please help- Tim