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  1. Repair topic Language file does not translate everything I can not translate the module correctly.
  2. I'm trying to put the SIG gallery and youtube plugin in the tab. Changing the code as above did not help.
  3. ok. it`s cache problem, please delete topic.
  4. Hi Which of the php functions should be enabled in order to properly send files? Unless the problem lies somewhere else?
  5. When I use Firefox and take a ride with the mouse outside the picture slideshow play again. In Chrome slideshow does not start up again.
  6. Hi, Where is pause on hover switch in module? I can`t find.
  7. Hi Is there any possibility to add videos from Youtube?
  8. I changed the account on the server. I restored a copy of Akeeba Backup. And it works? MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.4 magic?
  9. Hi Joomla 3.3.1 BT 2.4.9 ajax.php changed modules/mod_bt_backgroundslideshow/images changed 777 with subfolders
  10. At the moment I can not give you access. Page had been paid out to the customer and I can not manage it. I'll be waiting for the new version :) Thank you for your response. Greetings from Poland :)
  11. Hi I have install v 2.3.2 and try 2.3.3. I mark Exclude Categories. In menu i have show all articles from category as blog. Social plugin is still displeyed. Am I doing all right? I want to disable the plugin in all articles in a specific category.
  12. I have the same problem. THX