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  1. Thank you very much! It worked! =)
  2. No, I have not tried. Can you explain me how to do it step by step, please? I read the manual of the extension and there is nothing about it.
  3. Tronghm, what do you mean K2 problem? I read the topic and I think it is different because the topic is about the problem of category K2. I want to know what I have to do to show a result page.
  4. Tronghm, I have sent to you admin account via MP. Thanks, Bruno
  5. tronghm, I published the plugin and I runned indexing and isn't working... :(
  6. Hi, tronghm I installed the plugin, but the component isn't working. When I typed a phrase or a word, this component isn't showing a result page as should. Look: How can I do now? Regards, Bruno
  7. Hi, tronghm. Please, explain for me what I have to do with this plugin. I just download and install it in Joomla? I'm asking because there isn't a documentation about this plugin. Regards, Bruno
  8. tronghm, where I can download K2 Finder? I'm not able to find the plugin on Web :(
  9. Where is the file attached? And however... there is a "page display option" and the "show page heading" is "no", but the bar still appearing. Look:
  10. Hi, How I hide the horizontal bar red/pink of article like image down? I want to hide in some page or some item of menu. Thanks =) Bruno
  11. Hi, There is three class of menu: - Menu -- Submenu --- Submenu of submenu Like demo: - Explorer -- Weblinks --- Page break My question is: how can I add more submenu in menu mega? I want to add five submenu. And how can I add the icon? Is it possible? I'm using Joomla 3. Thanks, Bruno =)
  12. Thanks, Kien. And I sent an email about custom script to you =)
  13. Hi! How to add a javascript in the body of page? I tried using a K2's article, but I didn't work. Ah, and where is the file of <head>? Thanks =)
  14. Thank you, tronghm! I'll try to see if it worked! :) Regards.
  15. Hello, I need to insert tracking code (Google Analytics) in submit button - quick contact. Where is the file that I can insert? Thank you :) Bruno.