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  1. Hi Go to Log in and follow instructions You will need to generate some script from Google and enter part in the index.php file and another part inside the Form (place this code where you want the Captcha info to appear within your form)
  2. Hi I see there was a previous post on this but I am unable to see a resolve. I have added recaptcha to my site and added the appropriate keys and script. The recaptcha field appears on the Agent Form - but if I enter content and hit submit (without checking the recaptcha box) the form submits anyway. You can see the set up example here Is there a fix for this? I have version 2.10 (latest of the component installed) Thank you.
  3. I have same issue. Is there a way to include the recaptcha on the form?
  4. Hi tronghm I will try to explain clearly: First, it is not due to server issue with large files. The issue occurs in back-end when uploading images into gallery using the uploader. When I upload images into the gallery, the process completes without error when the settings are as follows: Display Options: IMAGE OPTIONS: Large img processing: None If any other option is set: (Crop, Resize, Resize and Keep Ratio) - I get this error and upload fails: Warning Can't find source file. So it appears that only one setting (None) for image importing will work. Are you aware of this? Hope this makes sense.
  5. Perfect. Thank you! Can you tell me which file to edit to change the way the received form info is displayed? Below is what I wish to change. Note that "sss" is the info from the textarea field. I want to have a <br /> added so the "Sent for property: 111 Bayside Crescent" is under - not beside. And perhaps some additional CSS styling here :) Hi Name Here ! paul gomirato [] [] has just sent you a new message : ------------------ sssSent for property: 111 Bayside Crescent ------------------
  6. Sorry, I am confused. With the new code, you added 'your bcc email here' How is this hidden from recipients? Is it just another email placeholder or is there something different in the actual email address that goes in this spot which makes it Bcc? I just want ONE Bcc to be added (along with the agent's email which is taken from their profile. So, what I would need is something more like this: $send = JFactory::getMailer()->sendMail($config->get('mailfrom'), $config->get('fromname'), $agent->email, $emailSubject, $emailBody, false, 'your_client_email_here', 'your bcc email here'); But how is the above different than the original version you kindly provided? Again, is the formatting of the Bcc email address different that a normal one? If so, can you provide an example of how to compose it? Many thanks!
  7. Hi tronghm I am hoping for some help on adding a Bcc email address to agent form? I have done much research on JMail but can't find a form example which shows where the additional code is required. You provided a sample which I thank you, but it is displayed for recipient - I need it to be hidden - so a Bcc option. Can you please help? Thank you.
  8. I was able to determine that the cause has to do with the import settings for full image. The can't find source file issue seems to be resolved when setting " Large img processing" to none. The other options for the large image cause the error. I this something you are aware of or have a fix for? Thx
  9. Hi I have added two listings with images which worked fine. Now each time I attempt to add an image to a new listing, I get this error after the upload process: Warning Can't find source file. When viewing the category view, I see an icon and the file name only. The detail view does not display image either. I have tested a new listing by using the same images that worked on the first two saved listings - so the issue is not the photos. I also checked permissions which are 755. Can you please help with this as I am now forced to stop work until I can be sure the gallery will work :( If help requires a paid subscription, please let me know as I must have this resolved to continue with this component. Thank you.
  10. I created a duplicate "default" folder under "components->bt_properties->themes labelled : default-model_homes Made the custom changes to its "default.php" Updated the menu to use the custom theme default-model_homes. But the display does not change. To test, I removed all the code from "default.php" and the listing still displayed. It appears it still is using the original "default" theme folder (which I placed in my template's html folder) Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank you.
  11. Hi I have a group of listings where I want to include the Google Map option. The standard Detail template works for this. But I also have a different group of listings where I don't need Google Maps. The "Property Categories -> Layout" only lets me choose different views for "Category Layout" not "Detail Layout" Is there a way to have a category assign to a different detail page which I can "comment out" the Google Maps portion? Thanks.
  12. Hi How can I set the sliders to be "collapsed" state on page load? Thank you.