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  1. Oh great it works! :) Thanks!
  2. It's because I can't install BT Content Showcase properly. It has an error when I install it and then when I go to the module settings some fields are missing.
  3. I have problem with readmore button.. The background seems to be missing.. I've tried changing the css but can't find it.. Please help.. See my website..
  4. What seems to be the problem if I have my page on stuck up? I already unpublished other modules and they are still showing.. And I tried changing contents, titles, etc.. It won't update.. Please help..
  5. Hi there, I just want to ask if I can make the quick contact 2 columns because "qc_no_label" is not working properly in the new update. And one more thing is, can I make this module be shown but you can only submit if you're a member then if a member submit a form their name should be automatically included in the email submitted?
  6. I got an error upon installing the extension and when I go to module.. Some fields are missing.. and I can't upload images here so you can see my attached photo so you know. :( Error message upon installing: "JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist /home/fortboni/public_html/tmp/install_51680bcfe27b0/language/en-GB.mod_bt_contentshowcase.ini"
  7. I followed this step but I still get the orange bar on the side of the logo. See the image below for the result. I want to move it more to left. See my website I followed this step and tried to change somewhere in code but cannot solve it.
  8. I tried using #T3-background-slideshow... AHAHA! it worked! :)
  9. is it maybe because my wrapper element is #ja-background-slideshow this is what I use in the last version.. if you had change it.. please tell me on what to put instead of #ja-background-slideshow.. thanks..
  10. Hi, Yep.. Isn't it the same with the last update? Because I already replicated the config from your demo site before the updated template.
  11. Hi there.. Is it only me encountering this? because I tried it in different browser and still the same output. Some of the options does not appear.
  12. I tried putting captions to show title and description. The caption showed up but the image did not. Why is it? What's the possible reason for this?
  13. I have my image too.
  14. Hi Kien NB, I don't know what happen. I just copy my config from the last version of the template but now it's not working. Please help.
  15. Hi, I got a problem in background slideshow in the new update. The images wont show. See the attached image.