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  1. Hi, I have this same issue. on BT Sociual Connect the 'register tab' will open the custom field etc... and at the bottom there should be a captcha but it aint?? When you enter all and press submt it also tells you this Warning Empty solution not allowed. so there is a registration error and you have to do it again at the url http://www.domain.com/component/bt_socialconnect/registration.html where it does work.... How can i get the registration popup to work?
  2. Hi, I used to have bt login on my site which worked great but i recently saw bt social connect, more features so i'd like to give it a try. All is setup but i cant get the social logins to work. The api codes are the same as in my old setup where they did work so im kinda puzzled. Twitter will ask for authorization, i press ok and then the page just hangs. It wont refresh my site with the new login credential. when i click the 'popup' login window away the site does relaod and show im logged in? And the facebook just displays an error message...