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  1. Hi there Im totally lost after 16 hrs of working....i lost the mainmenu_bgd graphics on the mainmenu, also i lost the colored line above the menu......why? second thiing i wanted to change is in "Die Maschgarade", where suddenly the Articles are left instead of centered and last but not least, if you hover over one portfolio the background of the description is red instead of #733e30. In handheld mode i tweaked colors and now the entries arent right under eachother but like in a tree.. Can you please help me? thx
  2. - deleted -
  3. The version of my template shows 1.0.0 i wanted to update to v 1.2
  4. Hi there! Thanks! Anyway it still is the old logo on the pages...ill try n figure it out myself But i also want the color of the menu and the progressbar changed and this is not that easy it seems. I also cannot update to V1.2 in ja_ext.manager......can u overlook that? Would be great
  5. Hi there! I want to change my logo too and i did try this tutorial. But whenever i try it messes up. i sent you a pm with the adress and a admin user for support purposes. thank you