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  1. in the normal menu item registration link: index.php?option=com_users&view=login&Itemid=569 I see the plugin working... But its not working in the module the way that i've do.. I changed the recaptcha to easycalccheck ... so maybe it's another word... or must do something else.. should be plgSystemEasyCalcCheckPlus ? this line is important ? $this->loadLanguage('plg_system_easycalccheckplus', JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR); ? or should i move this from the plugin to the BT mod ? // Encode fields - only in core components if($this->params->get('encode')) { if($option == 'com_contact' OR $option == 'com_users') { // Set random variable $random = $this->random(); $random2 = $this->random(); $random3 = $this->random(); $random4 = $this->random(); $random5 = $this->random(); $random6 = $this->random(); if($option == 'com_contact') { $this->_session->set('jform[contact_name]', $random, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[contact_email]', $random2, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[contact_subject]', $random3, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[contact_message]', $random4, 'easycalccheck'); $name_old = array('name="jform[contact_name]"', 'name="jform[contact_email]"', 'name="jform[contact_subject]"', 'name="jform[contact_message]"'); $name_new = array('name="'.$random.'"', 'name="'.$random2.'"', 'name="'.$random3.'"', 'name="'.$random4.'"'); $id_old = array('jform_contact_email_copy', 'jform_contact_name', 'jform_contact_email', 'jform_contact_emailmsg', 'jform_contact_message'); $id_new = array($this->random(), $this->random(), $this->random(), $this->random(), $this->random()); $body = str_replace($name_old, $name_new, $body); $body = str_replace($id_old, $id_new, $body); } elseif($option == 'com_users' AND $view == 'registration') { $this->_session->set('jform[name]', $random, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[username]', $random2, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[email1]', $random3, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[email2]', $random4, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[password1]', $random5, 'easycalccheck'); $this->_session->set('jform[password2]', $random6, 'easycalccheck'); $name_old = array('name="jform[name]"', 'name="jform[username]"', 'name="jform[email1]"', 'name="jform[email2]"', 'name="jform[password1]"', 'name="jform[password2]"'); $name_new = array('name="'.$random.'"', 'name="'.$random2.'"', 'name="'.$random3.'"', 'name="'.$random4.'"', 'name="'.$random5.'"', 'name="'.$random6.'"'); $id_old = array('jform_name', 'jform_username', 'jform_password1', 'jform_password2', 'jform_email1', 'jform_email2'); $id_new = array($this->random(), $this->random(), $this->random(), $this->random(), $this->random(), $this->random()); $body = str_replace($name_old, $name_new, $body); $body = str_replace($id_old, $id_new, $body); } } } it's complex.. maybe it's better give up :wacko:
  2. Hi. Thanks for replying :) I dont understand so much of php .. but ... humm... i need to change the $reCaptcha to $easycalccheck or any other $ word (variable) ? it's a litle bit difficult for me to discover what should be the word to call this plugin.. Should i do something to $enabledRecaptcha , $recaptchaPlg , $recaptchaPlgParams? to -> $enabledeasycalccheck , $easycalccheckPlg and $easycalccheckPlgParams i found this in the easycalcheckplus.php dont know if is important to see the word // Clear user_login session variable to avoid errors if a user logs in via the module if($this->params->get('user_login') AND $this->_session->get('user_login', null, 'easycalccheck')) { if($option == 'com_users') { if($this->_load_ecc == false) { $this->_session->clear('user_login', 'easycalccheck'); } } else { $this->_session->clear('user_login', 'easycalccheck'); } } I'll change all the $reCaptcha to easycalccheck and then give report. Thanks
  3. Hi bowthemes team. First of all congratulations, for your BT Login Module is very nice! I just want to ask if it's possible to change the Captcha - reCaptcha to another one (EEC+)? I like the EEC+ plugin (because with a simple line displays my own question or a mathematical question...or also we get a a lot of posibilities in plugin settup configuration) - http://joomla-extens...ycalccheck-plus But i dont know what i need to do, or where i need to go (what files), to add a script that can load/call and verify this plugin in your fantastic BT Login Module at registration area. Sorry my english, Best Regards to all