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  1. Hi tronghm I'm trying a web on a domain for trials. You can see it at There are two bt-content-slider modules on the main page, one shows articles from "Reportajes" category and other shows articles from "presentacion curiel" category. When I typed the articles of reportajes category, I linked the images from an external source, filling the edit form with the complete url (http://www.....) but for the articles of presentacion curiel category I have the images on my server and I can't put the complete url, because joomla links just with a relative url (images/stories...) That's the reason why bt-content-slider doesn't show the images of the articles, but there is no problem when the images are from external source.
  2. BT Content Slider don't show images from relative source on my site. But when I cacht the images from an external url and type the complete url (http://www....) there is no problem. How can I solve it?