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  1. This is not working: go here:
  2. This isn't working. the best way is to copy the template, assign home to it and then set the layout to default-component -right . then remove <?php $this->loadBlock ('mainbody-content-left') ?> from \templates\bt_travel\tpls\default-content-right.php
  3. This is not working. I will post my solution in another thread. (how to hide component on front page)
  4. And I think instead of doing it yourself for each client you should explain what you would do (give hints) to solve the issue. such as to create a config file manually.
  5. FYI, bt_travel_quickstart_j!3.2_v3.0 is not still working
  6. hello, I was wondering how could I remove URL Language Code index.php/en/ from all urls. I disables Russian but this still shows up. Thanks
  7. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to add a zoom feature / or pop up (lightbox or fancybox) to the product image in detail view. Thanks.