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  1. btw, i downloaded T3 framework from joomlart and installed and enabled, still its errroring :) cheers and all the best
  2. same problem for me to :) its giving error of T3V3.. was just wondering why template doesnt come with bundled T3 if it is must, dont want to use quickstart though, because my sites are already running on joomla and just need tochange template, so if BT could bundle template with T3 or whatever framework, than it would be the best.
  3. Hi, First thing, when i tried to install the template by using quickstart, i couldnt pass the last step, i.e. it wasnt creating config file of joomla, which i did manually so i could manage to get bt travel template installed alongwith demo content. then i upgraded to latest version of joomla i.e. 3.3.1 now when i go to module manager and try to edit any module there, it takes me to edit screen, but it doesnt save, just close button is working none other working. anyone has solution to it? at present i am reverting back to old version of before upgrading and checking if it works for me. thanks, SS