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  1. Hi, I just installed current version on a new Joomla 3.72 site. This site was upgraded from 2.5, and some things may have gotten lost in the transition. When I attempt to index, the window appears and says content is being indexed. But nothing happens. I let it run for almost an hour. This is a big site with a large articles archive. I disabled all "finder" plugins, to no effect. I looked for a "finder" component, but none was there. I suspect the problem may be in the Joomla content smart search plugin. Even though we updated Joomla, this plugin did not update. The version is 2.5. I had to disable it because it was interrupting my ability to edit and save articles and categories. I assumed - perhaps wrongly - that your smart search content plugin would take over the chore of indexing. But apparently not. It's interesting that after updating Joomla we no longer have the native Joomla search module installed. This too may be an issue. Please let me know what I can do? This is really a great module/component, so much so I continue to be surprised that you offer it for free. It's superior to apps which cost as much as $50. Do you think it's possible I just need to wait more than an hour. If the screen says content is being indexing, if that really happening? Should I not at least see a progress bar? Thanks, -Jim Gribble