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  1. Hello, We are developing a site for a hotel with about 36 separate "places to see" pages in 8 languages. We want to include a main page with the Google Map and all of the places with markers, and then have in each page, a google map showing the hotel and the marker of the "place to see" selected. I know I can build the Main Google map and add the markers using BT Google Maps in individual modules, but is there a "programmatical" way I could then call each of the individual maps using a variable, to show just the main hotel marker and that selected "place" marker, rather than having to make 37 different modules ? Thanks !
  2. Hello, I would like to use the "Atlas" base map that we find in GoogleMaps as the base map for our google map generated by BT Google Map Module (as this Atlas map has all of the public transport etc but not the business overlaid). Does anyone know how to do this ? Or how to remove the business overlay from the standard 'roadmap' map type ? Thanks, Steve