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  1. For some reason, even though we originally installed the Quickstart version of BT Folio (purchased), we had an older version of BT Slideshow (v 1.2). Updated this tonight to v 2.1.4 and now am having this exact same problem with this version of Slideshow with the Folio template. It would be great if the solution could be shared here - or should I lodge a request for support? *edited to correct that the new version number is 2.1.4 rather than 2.1.2... also, will lodge a request for support on this.
  2. Hi all, just a quick update ~ I have made the changes to the template.css and fixed this! My problem was that there were two instances of the h1.logo... One says "... no-repeat scroll left center transparent;" and the other one says "... no-repeat left;" My mistake was that I had made the size changes in one instance and not the other. When I change my logo sizes in both instances, it worked! :) Very happy member here, thank you.
  3. Hi Kien, thanks ~ but this css amend didn't work. It seems I can't upload any more screenshots, but the workflow went like this: Went to: Template Manager | Edit template.css Added new css on the end that you suggested So now the last bits of template.css look like this: Produced the same result with stretched picture as before...
  4. Kien, thanks so much for your reply... obviously I need to do my homework on this some more - we haven't yet implemented Google Fonts, but it's good to know that it's supported by BT when we do. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I expect (hope) that this is a really simple problem but I just can’t find the solution… When inserting pictures into a basic article, wherever the picture is smaller than the full width of the main article (eg around 750 pixels), it is stretched horizontally across the full width of the article. Example article shown attached “Image stretch prob 01cr png” Basic picture inserted into article “Image stretch prob 02cr png” Within the Article Manager the picture displays as desired “Image stretch prob 03cr png” But when you check the website, the picture displays stretched “Image stretch prob 04cr png” I’d be really grateful for any tips from anyone as to what’s going wrong here… much appreciated!
  6. Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm sort of having this problem too. I have made some changes to the css as described here: and here: / on the forums, but the space is still a little too small for the logo... The changes I made were these. First I changed the logo height & width pixels, with minimal result. Then I changed the padding which moved the logo up/down slightly, but not the result I really need. I need the height increased from the original 59px to around 90px and the width from 350px to at least 500px... I ended up making the logo artwork smaller but this isn't how we want it to look. (I have pics I can attach but I can't figure out how to do this in the forum... be kind, don't laugh!) [PS - I guess the change I would welcome here was if the default css set the logo size to auto or something, and there was a plugin where we could manage this process instead of going into the css... I think everyone wants to change the logo first and right away! This problem takes up a lot of support time - it would be better if the template was designed so the user could manage this more easily - then you could spend more time making beautiful templates ;)] *edited to include the forum links
  7. Hi everyone, I'd love to know what favourite plugin or extension people are using to implement Google Fonts for their websites. HD-Gfonts gets some good reviews on joomla.org: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/style-a-design/typography/13373 ... but I'd really like to pick a plugin that people are already using successfully with BT templates. Thanks guys! ;)
  8. Just quickly I should also add that there wasn't any document with detail on "how to" within the zip file you provided above - just so you know - thanks.
  9. Thank you for the info ~ I got my backup tech to look harder at this + eventually we figured out what we had to do. He's installed the JAT3 Framework now & we have our demo site up and I'm starting to fill it up with content. I'm sure I'll have many more questions as we go along! ;)
  10. Hi BowThemes, we have recently purchased a membership + we're keen to get started with the BT Folio. We've downloaded the zip files, and thought we installed the BT Folio correctly. It does come up in our template list in the Template Manager. However we get the following error message when we try to assign the BT Folio as the default template: The plugin JAT3 framework must be installed and enabled. What have we done wrong? Your advice much appreciated, thank you.