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  1. The Site is offline, It will be used as an Intranet. My request, if it is possible, is to see it frontpage, full page only the background picture and BT Login module. The user must login into this page to see all information into the site. But now I see the HEAD parts on the first page that is not dissapear. How to modify or customise the template? Thanks. vn
  2. Hi all, I would like the background image fills the entire browser page without seeing the strip at the top
  3. I need to remove this "blue" color space, In need all windows page full with bt background slide show images. See the picture. ;) Thanks.
  4. Hi All, i need to remove all'area in the firs page and see only BT Login and BT Background slideshow. Ho can I do?
  5. Hi all, My target is: have the first page of my website with only BT Login module on it and BT Background Slideshow working in this page. After login a will go inside my web page with no more BT login and BT Background Slideshow working. When i do a logoff i will go back to login page and BT Background Slideshow page. Is it possible and how can i do it? Thanks. vn