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  1. Here is a video about template and my site:
  2. Thanks for the great template. Here ist my new website. Metro template in action: best regards Benjamin
  3. The scroll bar at bottom is not iduitiv to use. It would be nice to go directly from a menu or with a button to the pages. In the moment it is look good on a smartphone, but it´s not good to use :-(
  4. Hi Bow Themes Team, i built my homepage with your template and it is really good design! Thanks for the great template. I would like to link the pages #home 1-5 in the drop down main menu. The Problem is, that the page menu entries are not shown when you look the homepage with a smartphone. Only the entry "home" can be seen. Therefore, I would also link the pages in the main menu. I write the main menu entries like the page menu entries: For example: link: #home1. The URL are shown in the browser, but it slide not to the page. Do you have a tip for me. Here is a image of my page. You can look how i will change my main menu. Best regards, Benjamin