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  1. Greetings, Over the past few days I've had some issues on my site that all started with the BT Content Slide Show module. All seems to be pretty much fixed but, my BT Twitter Feed. The module is in place and installs with no errors but, no feed appears. I've had some permissions issues over the past few days so, I'm thinking that's what it may be again. I have the newest version or it and the BT template. I'm running Joomla 2.5.11 with K2 2.6.6. My url is OrishaReligion dot com. Anyone have any ideas? What permissions/folders does this module depend on? Thanks, advance.
  2. Greetings, I've installed the newest version of BT content slider and the newest version of the BT Arise template. I have 777 permissions on the /modules/mod_bt_contentslider/ folder, and all of its subfolders. I also have 777 permissions on /cache/mod_bt_contentslider folder. I've tried many combinations for the source settings (Joomla Articles, K2 articles, Joomla Categories, K2 categories). When I first set up a module I get a "Warning: imagejpeg () [function.imagejpeg]:" error. After a few refreshes , I'll receive no error. Either way the module will not pull articles, categories, images, or anything. My url is Please help me Thanks you, in advance.