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  1. It solves everything, thank you very much :)
  2. How to set different logo pictures for different languages when using BT Travel 2.0 with Joomfish?
  3. Hello, guys. We are about to start this web-site. BT Quick Contact still works wrong in Chrome. Fix it please
  4. Here it is
  5. I integrated BT Image Gallery in article with {loadposition landmarks-gallery} But I can see just spinning wheel like "loading" but no images appears. If I change position to sidebar-1 then Gallery shows ok But I need gallery be shown over all pade wide. Where is the problem?
  6. Please note: Firefox shows Success Message ok. In Chrome submit opens blank window with {"success":true,"messages":"[\"Thanks for your message\"]"}
  7. For those who interested :) I finally find where to put them B) line which links font itself <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> goes to: /templates/bt_travel/tpls/default-content-left.php And line font-family: 'FONTNAME', sans-serif; goes to some css files in /t3-assets/css/ and it works ok
  8. Is there any documentation how to manage Costum font in Typo tab (in ThemeMagic)? I need to use Google font Ubuntu Condensed in headers and in menu. In previous BT Travel I made it via template settings and some fixes in /fonts What are font management rules for BT Travel v2?
  9. When pressing Submit button it opens blank window with text: {"success":true,"messages":"[\"Thanks for your message\"]"} First it was correct I mean this "Success" message text was over the BT Quick Contact form. Now in every form (Tour - Hotel - Flight) Submit button works this way. What goes wrong? How to fix it?
  10. In "Basic Options" switch "Step progress bar" to "No"