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  1. Thank you! It works. I thought it must write a new php module position (if i say it right). Thanks for all! :)
  2. Hello There! I search for this solution all day, but i cant find it. So the main problem is: i cant place any module position next to the slideshow. I want the slideshow width near 540px for example, and align to left, and next to the right an other module position, which can be anything (custom module, or content slider or anything) I read near all the topics but can't find the solution. This topic was near the best: But not working with the slideshow. What I did and it not works for me: 1. create new module position next to each other problem: the slideshow not working, or the two position has equal width (50%), and can't control with css 2. placed the slideshow module to user1 and other module to user2 positions. Same as above, width always was 50% (the user2 module can controlled by css becouse of the module class suffix, but the slideshow module does not have this option) 3. any other trick and hack what I can do, but nothing work. Can somebody help me? ("what-i-want" picture attached)