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  1. Hi support, I'm usign Joomla 2.5.8 and BT Portfolio. Works pretty fine. Now i'm creating a user with manager rights in Joomla. I want to give this user full rights to read&write ONLY this component (BT Portfolio) and not any other component. Can anyone help me out please? Kind regards, Maarten van Kerchove
  2. Hi, I found the problem eventually. Apparently you may not include this complete line in your index.php: <!-- <jdoc:include type="component" /> --> This will cause (at least BT Portfolio) Components to cause problems. This post can be closed.
  3. Hi support, Pardon my english, i'm from Holland so i'll do my best :) Yesterday i've bought a single licence for the BT Portfolio component. Since i'm a noob at Joomla, i am very happy about this component, because it's dummy proof! So i thought... because im possibly the one dummy that still does something wrong: I'm creating my first Joomla website. With the BT Portfolio i've created several categories, from which three are subcategories with the same parent category. After that, i created two test portfolio's, each in another category. When this was done, i created menu-items, who seem to work fine. Now to my problem: when i click the one parent category, i get a page showing me the three subcategories. Only i seem to be getting both the 'flat' and the 'grid-list' layouts. It looks like a simple bug about closing tags of comment lines (<!-- ....... -->). This coming saturday this website should be live and running... so i'm pretty stressed about it. Can you please help me out? URL: (overall styling just needs to be done asap, but that's no problem) Kind regards, Maarten van Kerchove