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  1. thank for your support, I solved by myself. For your knowledge, I found some problems because the jquery version included in BT Login is 1.6 (and if I set load jquery=NO in module options, the modal popup shows up at bottom of the page, not the center as it should be)! You should really think about a refresh :) regards
  2. it works! But there is a problem: when I click on close button in modal login form (without login) the page reloads, don't know why.. I guess It's a bt login module thing. As result of that I get a "modal window loop": I close the login form, the page reloads and I get again the login form.
  3. Hi there is a way to activate the login popup in some specific page (like the community builder profiles)?
  4. it was just a noob mistake: the module was visible in main menu, but not in 2 main menus for IT and ENG. thanks anyway.
  5. hi, since i activated joomla multilanguage bt content slider disappeared! :) i dont know how to use multilanguage so well, so that's surely something wrong in the usage. i have 2 language (italian and english) and 2 copy of the module: one with the italian joomla category and one with the english category as source. why the module's hiding from me? i have cookies
  6. hi, what is the exactly procedure for exclude some categories? in advance config->PLUGIN EXCLUDING->Exclude Categories i added some categories but the plugin is still there :huh:
  7. really appreciate your help :D but i don't need it anymore, the customer decided for another template. thanks anyway!
  8. i see black frontend. and this is my view of template options: why i can't see t3 framework? there is a joomla3 version of this template?