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  1. Works fine. thank you !!
  2. Here it is... header.php
  3. Hello, I have an issue with the site logo. It is not linked to hopemapage. The site logo is linked to the current page i am into and not with the site homepage, so whenever i click on it i don't return to homepage, it only reloads the current page i am into. Any help ???
  4. Hello, whenever i inster a shortcode, i see in the popup window the variables, instead of the actual translation in english. My backend is in english and my frontend is in Greek. Sny help with that ? Yannis
  5. For some reason now i can't hide the article title. If you check on the frontpage the "e-υπηρεσιες" link in the slideshow, there is an article showing there, and i can't hide the article title. Can you help me with this ?
  6. Hello, I have the Medical Template almosto working perfect. My problem is that just under the main menu, whenever i diplay an article that is not attached to a menu i get the "home", which is very ugly. (attachment 1). Whenver i diplay a menu item, things are fine and i love it (attachment 2). Is there a way to diplay nothing or the article title whenever a non-menu related article is displayed ? Thank you
  7. I have a similar issue, in the sense that i have installed thetemplate, but the copyright message on the bottom is not showing at all. Do you knwo why ?
  8. Hello, I use shortcode plugin to insert different types of elements. After pressing the "insert shortcode" and the code is insserted on the article, i have a serious issue. Can i see the popup again to make some changes to the inserted shortcode? This is very very important to be able to make corrections.