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  1. Hi, yeah bt login also had conflict problems with my slider (smart slider 2) when I put it in french. Thanks for your help but I went into another direction.
  2. Hi, dont know anything about this problem but I checked and all is well regarding hosting.
  3. Of course, the website address is: Ive just set it back to french were youll see that the buttons are un-clickable. If you want to change it back to english and see that the buttons function, just write and ill give you backend access. Thanks for your help.
  4. I stand corrected, I dint verify the right ini file, theyre is 2 ini files in the french translation, one has all the keywords needed, except 1, and the other has only 3 but thats ok because the english one has 3 as well. I re-installed your version, english works the right way (pop-up pops out correctly) but buttons are un-clickable in french now (yesterday they were at least working)
  5. Hi, you were right, I didnt open the french ini file, when I did, I saw approx only 3 lines of code. So I took the keywords from the english ini files and changed the translation. I then re-zip the folder and re-installed over my old installation of bt login. When I went to verify the changes, something really bizarre happened, I cant click on the log in or register button anymore. If I change the language back to english, the button work again. I'll verify all my keywords and report back, if you've got any ideas, please help I'll send you the final french translation for your troubles.
  6. Hi, I wanted to write the french translation but I say that the french version was already installed in the backend of the extension. Some parts are translated and some still showing in english. Look at the image to understand what I'm saying. Thank you for your help.
  7. Hi tronghm, you're very good at english, thanks a lot. I still need some more information. At point 1 you said: "the bar is automatic hide." We'll that's what I want, I don't want to see the bar. So the currect version of your module doesn't show the bar, is that correct? Regarding my last question, I asked if I could have just 1 video (no image). If i want 1 video that would continually loop, is that possible? (no images, just 1 video) have a nice day Tronghm, Jonathan
  8. Hi, I've got a couple of questions before purchasing. I'm interested in the video option of this module.. I went to your demo page : and I try'ed testing some different parameters. Under Navigation configs, I selected "No" under progress bar but it was still showing. I noticed on top of the webpage that you state that some parameters were disabled for your security. Is this one of them? Also, they're is some black borders around the video (not totally fullscreen) is that because of the source video? If so can I put it totally fullscreen without black borders? On your Joomla extension page it is stated: Display Video from Youtube as Slideshow . This is probably a silly question but I can just put 1 video if this is what I want, i'm not obligated on putting multiple videos (not totally sure because of the word: slideshow). Thank you very much for your help, Jonathan