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  1. Hi i have an error with your module bt login v2.6.0 with joomla 3.3.0 and bt metro 1.1 in french. I can't login and i can't register a new account with Ie or firefox. EDIT : Sorry the next debug error is for BT Quick Contact but i have the error with le login module. With the debug console in firefox, i can see that there is a problem with the french translation : SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list (ligne 1766, col. 60) the line is : BTQC(moduleID + ' .btqc-message-loading').show().html('').append(new BTQC('<li>').addClass('loading').html('Votre email est en cours d'envoi')); in beforeSubmit: of "BTQC(moduleID + ' form').submit(function(){" EDIT : I have corrected the BTQC error by addind \' to my french translation : d'envoi become d\'envoi in the fr-FR.mod_btquickcontact.ini For the bt login error, i solved it too. When i added it to joomla with "Extension Manager: Install" to update from 2.5.0 to 2.6.0, the system didn't update it in the directory "www\templates\bt_metro\html\mod_bt_login", so the module in "www\modules\mod_bt_login\tmpl" was different. I replaced "www\templates\bt_metro\html\mod_bt_login" with the content of "www\modules\mod_bt_login\tmpl". The login succeeded but the layout changed and with bt metro, i need to adjust it.
  2. Hi i'm interested by updating the component to the last version 3.0.8. I have the 2.2.1 version with BT Metro 1.1. How can i get it ? I have joomla 3.3.0. With IE 11, the tabs in the articles in the portfolios aren't accessible. In fact, there is an error when the component is showed in the admin page of joomla : /administrator/index.php?option=com_bt_portfolio I have also the error with the search, no bt porfolio content are indexed.
  3. Hello I bought BT Metro Template last week but I have problems to install it properly on my website. I wonder if some module's upgrades could help me. I need: BT Background SlideShow 2.4.1 BT Content Showcase 2.2.0 BT Quick Contact 2.1.0 BT Portfolio 2.3.3 BT Slideshow Pro doit être mis à jour vers la 2.1.5 BT twitter feeds 2.0 I have: BT Background SlideShow Site Module 2.2.1 BT Content Showcase Site Module 2.1.0 BT Google Maps Site Module 2.0.3 BT Login Site Module 2.5.3 bt_metro Site Template 1.0 BT Portfolio Administrator Component 2.1.0 BT Quick Contact Site Module 2.0 BT Slideshow Pro Site Module 2.1.2 BT Twitter Feeds Site Module 1.1 where and how can I get the updated versions? Thank you for your help Regards