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  1. Hi May I know do you have Lavalamp menu module / plugin have been developed for joomla ? I really wanna use something like this . Thanks Luke
  2. Appreciate if some body help me on this . Since there is few articles with thier own "Read More" links , I wanted to give them different article links for each "Read more " buttons. Please help,
  3. Hi How can I give a give a different link for the "Read more" button ? It is always getting the existing article page . Please help Thanks in advance Luke.
  4. Hi Can I use "mod_bt_contentslider_v1.5.0" with joomla 3 ? I just wanted to use it with joomla 3 , but when I try to install it , there is a warning message JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist Regards Luke
  5. Hi Newly created template not in the "Template Colour" menu . How to get it to the menu on the page ? Please help Thank you Luke
  6. Dear All , I went through the forum to search if there is some one has already asked about the particular questions. But I was not able to find any thing related to " how to change the theme colour" of any particular theme. Could you please help ? Since I have my own logo and colours in my mind , I would use a specific colour for my theme. Thanks in advance, Luke.
  7. Hi I want to change the colour of the template and I have installed the latest version of BT Arise. Can somebody guide me how to change the templates colours ? Thank you Luke
  8. sorry , it was a stupid question. I was able to find the content to modify .
  9. Hi All , May I know how to modify the contents / images of the slide show ? Can I put my own images and text ? is there any limitations of adding images ? Thank you Luke
  10. Hi do your templates supports for joomla 3 ? Can I directly download from your templates repo and install in joomla 3 ? I would like to know if there is any compatibility issue with joomla 3 . Regards Luke