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  1. Hello, really nice template, but how to increase the overall width of it? I try to change width in Template Manager -> Profiles ->Default or Red-> Template width to Specified and write 1200 px, but nothing change(
  2. i write a new letter to your email)
  3. No i dont have block(( maybe you should write and save in file Hosts (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) next: correct: and maybe it will works, if not i will move site at another domen and hosting
  4. i write mail with acces to your
  5. i did it, and compile less to css - its not working( i want that on all devises (pc, tablet, phone) - will be just one version PC, and when i change the size of browser window, the width of template and maim menu must not changing. how i can do that? sorry for my english
  6. Hello, can you help me with some questions^ 1) How to turn off the mobile version of template 2) How to turn off the Responsive for tablet and phone - or how to do so, that on the PC, phones and tablets worked only PC version of this template?