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  1. I have installed the latest versions of Joomla, K2, my template and BT Social Share plugin. What happens is that all shows fine as long as there is no comment with the K2-article, but as soon as someone adds a comment then the page is no longer displayed correctly (the entire header section is no longer there). When i disable the BT Social Share plugin all is working fine again. Since this is a working website I had to disable the plugin, but can someone tell me what might be the cause and even better ... what might be the solution (i already tried different positions for the plugin, none solved it). Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. Hi, I love the way you can display K2- items with the slider, so i was thinking if it would be possible to implement as a source the K2-categories. Each K2-category can have an image and those could be displayed with the title of the category in the slider. But please know that it was just a suggestion ...... it would make it the perfect add-on for every K2-user :) I do of course understand that you have totally other priorities, so i would never expect this to be implemented any time soon. Be well and wishing you a wonderful day.
  3. Let me start by saying that the BT Content Slider is one of my all time favorite modules for Joomla. It works so easy and perfect and i keep finding more ways and places to use it for :) Also thank you for implementing my earlier suggestion in the latest version, so now it is easy to select a main category and automaticly all items from subs-categories can be added .... even when i add later one or more sub-categories ...... THANKS!!! Now i have another suggestion ...... the way BT Content Slider works is so great that i would also like to use it for presenting not just items but also categories. Would it be possible to add an option to display the Joomla- or K2-category images and when clicked you go to the category page of that item. Thank you in advance for considering this suggestion and wishing you and your family and friends a wonderful day.
  4. I tried to install the updated version but after doing so the entire layout of my website was a mess. All modules from the right were pushed below the main content. Also the FB comment box was about half the size instead of the full wide it used to be. Is there anything i can do to solve this ....or can anyone point me in the right direction? For now i reinstalled the 2.3,4 version and at least the layout is ok now. Thank you in advance for any help!
  5. Perhaps i wasnt so clear in my request, let me try again :) I know i can now choose as source K2 categories and then pick all the ones i want either k2-category or k2-subcategory, but ..... Let's imagine i have a categorie named "Sport" and two subcategories named "Swimming" and "Soccer". If i pick only "Sport" as source i wont get the items in "Swimming" and "Soccer", so i have to pick all three to get all items far so good. But if i add a k2 subcategory, for instance "Golf" then those items wont be added unless i return to the module and add it as source. My request is something i have seen in some other modules ...... there you pick as source the category (for instance "Sport") and have a seperate item "include sub-categories" that can be "yes" or "no". If you pick "yes", then each time a k2-subcategory is added it will automatically be included in the Content Slider module. Have a wonderful day!
  6. The BT Content Slider is really amazing. It works like a charm, looks great and ....... it fitted just right into the template i am using :) I use it to display a slider with K2 articles and this brings me to the one and only thing i missed in this really amazing module ..... Would it be possible to add an option so that one only has to select the main (K2)categories and that one would have an option "include subcategories" "yes/no". This would be just perfect because then one could add the main categories and wouldnt have to adjust the module settings with every sub category that would later be added. Thanks for an amazing and wonderful module!!!
  7. The Google+ button is covering the Twitter button partially, but i cant seem to find where this CSS is coming from. I know i need to change a text-indent and some margins ....can you point me to the right file?
  8. I think i solved it myself must be a template thing that causes this, because when i change the position from "After title" to "Above article" then the reverse happens ... then it works in the K2 Store article but no longer in the normal K2 article. To make it work in both i now have set the buttons to appear both "After title" and "Above article", since one works depending on the kind of article it is solved this way .... but ofcourse this is only a workaround.
  9. I just installed the plugin and left almost all settings untouched, then added the just made FB Api number. At first nothing showed on the frontend, but i get an error msg saying "The parameter app_id is required". Then i disabled the K2 Social buttons and the error message was gone, but ...... Now the buttons do show up on K2 articles, but not all of them .... They do show on the pages that contain a normal K2 article, but not on the pages that have an K2 Store article. For example: K2 Store article - no buttons (except for one on the bottom right of the screen) K2 normal article - buttons do show How can i make the buttons work in the K2 Store articles?