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  1. hello all. i have a link to a page that will list K2 items blog style http://www.dmkmedia.co.uk/index.php/blog it only lists 5 items and an load more link is there any way to load a certail number on load like 10 or 20
  2. can anyone tell me how to safely update from version 1.0
  3. yes thanks that worked
  4. how do i clear the edit profile page? its full of items blocking the text (k2 items etc) and i need to see the details im editing
  5. is there any way to force a user to sign up before he downloads an an attachment i have an an attchment in a K2 article and i want registered users only to get the attachment
  6. i dont know what the problem was but it was a templet problem .... i had to reinstall now it works fine....there isnt anything wrong with the server
  7. just spent days setting up my new site on the BT METRO templete i havent added anything just text and changed the menu. when i had the site off line and viewed the site all was ok and all was working fine... but as the site was ready i put it back online in the admin config and now the site wont load all i get is the screen grab (attached) please help ASAP as i have told everyone that the site will be live today after being off line for a week
  8. come on guys how do i edit my page layouts....
  9. if i create a link and that link aims at a single article that i created the page lay out is not what i want... how do i change the page lay out screen capture below i want to remove everything above the wedding photography text images etc. i want the wedding photography text at the top with maybe a some things to the left or right so how do i edit the lay out.... screen capture attached
  10. how do i edit these boxes >> module position 7 the title and content
  11. solved thanks
  12. when i open the twitter feed module it opens with no save button to press or any buttons at all screen grab attached I've tried different browsers and resetting my internet... but i still get the same and also the same in ACCORDION MENU MODULE as well any ideas ??? can i just reinstall those items????twittergrab.tiff
  13. solved
  14. solve
  15. can someone help the quickstart uploads but will not install... can someone help out i need it to look like the demo site but I've been at this now for 4 hours and im beginning to wish i never bought it