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  1. Hi I successfully install the quickstart from the Extension Manager without any error message. I searched the filename bt_arise_quickstart_j!25_v1.1 on template manager but none found. I wanna set it to default of course. I was not able to see it as well on the module manager. My joomla 2.5 is already running with my hosting default joomla template. But i want to replace it of course to your free but nice template. Help me plz.. Here's my sub-domain http://joomlaphilippines.vxbrain.com/ where I want to install the BT Theme. Can anybody help me? Thanks Regards, Ivan Xian
  2. Hi Guys, I followed the manual you provided in installating BT Arise template to my running joomla 2.5 First, I tried to install the T3 Framework Plug-in which has the filename of plg_system_jat3.v1.4.0. But I got no luck because I encountered an error message saying " an error message JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file. Path does not have a valid package. . Am I gonna install the T3 Framework first? or It doesn't matter? I had all the zip files downloaded from your bowthemes.com. These are the BT_Arise_PSD_source_files, BT_Arise_extensions_related_unzip_first_ , bt_arise_quickstart_j!25_v1.1, plg_system_jat3.v1.4.0 and the template itself bt_arise_template_j!2.5_v1.1 I hope you can help me on this guys. Ivanxian