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  1. I have a joomla 2.5.28 site. when I make a copy of the module, the new module is fine, but it seems that the original one becomes 'blank' and loses all of the images and settings.
  2. I see you can edit images from the front end when logged in. Can you upload NEW IMAGES to a gallery from the front end? thanks, LAura
  3. When I try to change the MODULE STYLE, it isn't 'happening'. I am creating my own style in my template's style sheet, that isn't a problem. When I assign a module style to bt-slideshow-pro, it is NOT putting it anywhere in the <div tags>, for example, here are the div tags: <div class="module mod-box mod-box-default deepest" style="min-height: 391px;"> <div style="clear: both;"></div> <div id="mod_btslideshow_pro_95" class="box_skitter mod_btslideshow_promod-blank" style="margin-bottom: 50px; width: 920px; height: 341px;"> Attached is a screen print of my admin backend page, where you can see the module class is being set, shouldn't that be included in the div class module tag? thanks, Laura
  4. YEs, I agree, putting this in your next release for both: - background slideshow - slideshow pro would be great... thanks, Laura
  5. worked perfectly, thank you. but the file name is: /tmpl/themes/accordion/js/accordion.js thanks, Laura
  6. Is it possible to have ALL accordion slides CLOSED when you go to the screen? For example: (view, contact, directions accordion), this is not using your tool, and it is in joomla 1.5... but I want to use your tool on our 2.5 version of the site... thanks, Laura