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  1. Hi Tam Pham, thanks for reply, but I have ../templates/bt_photo/, not ../templates/bt_photography/, and there is no custom.css in ../templates/bt_photo/css/! Any other suggestions? Best regards, Alexander
  2. Hello everyones, could somebody help me to do some changing in main menu? I need to move menu to the right side and make a logo wider, like in attached pictures. Thanks a lot.
  3. Sorry, I have found a solution! Thanks.
  4. Hi, it is possible to change quality of image preview? I have chacked my site with large-scale monitor. Preview image quality is awful. Thanks.
  5. I did like you said, still does not work in all profiles, but I had chosen an orange profile. Thank.
  6. Hi Kien, I have added #ja-logo h1{background-color: #333333 !important;} at the bottom, but it works only for orange profile, and only for main page. What I did wrong?
  7. Hi Kien, Thank you for help. I did`t find template.css in (templates/bt_foto/), but I have template.css in (templates/bt_foto/css/). It is the file you meant?
  8. Hi, I want to change backround color under the logo for anather image or add some texture. Is it possible to do? Thanks my site
  9. Hi, I want to change the alignment of main menu from left to right. Could somebody help me with this? Thanks.
  10. Sorry, I have found my mistake. In my case I need to edit line 947.
  11. Hi Kien, I did exactly you adviced to Tom Hammond, but diagonal lines still appear. I cleared cache in Joomla, reload page, but nothing changed. What I did wrong? P.S.I am working on local mashine. Thanks, Alexander