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  1. Hello Masters ... :) Report that the settings in the new version of the theme Medical (v1.2) have been successfully executed. Thanks for the quick support! But I want to know information about the error in the installation of bt_medical_quickstart_j3x_v1.1 by Xampp version 5.5.30 (new) freezing step in the creation of tables in SQL. (Win10 x64) - I Test the same package in version 1.81 XAMMP (formerly 2013) and was successful! Anyway, thank for all
  2. Hellow Tam, can u give me your Skype? my: gcphoenix
  3. I would like you to help me install the BT Local Medical using xampp (5.5.30) as this freezing step in the creation of tables. Can you help me?