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  1. Thanks Tronghm, What was the problem? It would be nice to know incase I run into it again. As I am still not sure I am sticking with this version of the theme I have.. D.
  2. Limited time access has been give to me for you to use. PM has been sent.
  3. Is this not something that you could explain to me to fix? D,,
  4. I checked and "allow_url_fopen" is ON.
  5. Hi Tronghm, Due to recent problem with the server and a few other issues I have been asked by the admins not to give out admin or ftp information for the near future. Could pm me or post here the fix that you think it is so that I may try it or ask someone with more skill than I to do the fix for me. Darren
  6. I am using bt_Media 1.0.0 the reason for this is I bought a 4 month subscription to test out the themes, I have been a little concerned because of the bowthemes site errors and missing image on the main bowthemes site. I decided to use the version that comes with gallery before I spend more money to get a updated version, "and to be honest if I buy a template the mods and components should be the latest" I went to use the gallery template but I can not get bt media to save any of my youtube videos I import. Joomla version 3.2.1 Now the process I am using in Categories are made: Games I go to medias click on Multiple Add Select the games category Click the video Tab Click "Get file from Youtube" Select Playlist or video / or / Username (Have tried both). Either give it a specific URL or a username If I use the username I give it mine and then select the playlist I want to import. once it says complete and has the videos listed on the right side I click Save or Save and close ( I have tried both) go back to medias and nothing is there. I have tried to rebuild the images but still nothing is saved. Darren. Edit: I have tried reinstalling the bt media stable 1.0.0, also I have reinstalled gallery, photography, and now a completely different template from joomla art and it is still not working.
  7. I bought jrevews a long time ago and now I can use it to work with this theme as you have. But I need to know the setup you have in jreviews what catagories, etc also how you set it up for the frount page with what modules>? Darren
  8. The background image of the punisher where do I do the changes for this? Is it a module or just in the css? Darren
  9. Thanks for the help. And no worries about the premium was just curious.
  10. Hey folks. I just need to ask where the location of the footer information is so that I may change it to be fit for our purpose. I ronic the one I use for our main site is the free one. Is there going to be a members version of this ? Darren
  11. I really appreciate your help Rasu. This help very much. Darren
  12. Hi folks, I just wondered if there was a css override file that I could create to do changes that will not be overridden when you do updates? Darren
  13. Sorted out the problem myself.
  14. Hi Folks, Well I thought I would try the small package membership for now to test out the support and templates. Now the problem I have run into with BT_Gallery is that the front page background images and articles but the articles titles are not linking to the article. Here is what I did Go to the Mod_bt_backgroundslideshow in the bgslideshow position. go to "options" under the "Upload images" I hit the edit on the zebra/lion image I used the "Select K2 Article" chose an article and hit "OK" Go back to the mod and hit save and close" hit the "Clear Cache" Cleared "Browser Cache" But there is still no title link for the front page." Darren
  15. I have tried to email a few times for information and as of yet received no reply. This in it's self does not look good. But I thought I would try to ask here in the forums but seeing that no content has really been posted for a while now also do not bode well. I noticed that there has not been any new templates for November and December I am concerned about signing up for a membership. Also when and/or if I do sign up will the templates have updated extensions in them or is that a separately charge as I see you charge separately for extensions and updates. I look forward to any answers that you might give, to make a decision on signing up for a membership. Darren Scott