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  1. Hi, is it possible to set as source k2 and joomla categories at the same time? Thank you very much!
  2. It works! I'm happy that you found exactly what I mean! Thank you very much! Best regards, dimkou
  3. Hi, I'm using BT Content Showcase with Default Layout. When the width of the screen is so small, that only one (slim) item is displayed per time, there is a space between the image and the arrows, where it isn't possible to scroll down with the finger. As you can see on the image that I attached, there is place for scrolling down only before and after the Showcase. (Inside the red rectangle that I shaped, scrolling down with the finger is not possible). I would be very grateful if you could provide me any idea, how to solve this issue. Thank you! Best regards, dimkou
  4. Everything is fine now! Thank you very much!
  5. Hi, with "Equal Height" Option in BT Content Slider "Titles/Descriptions have the same height". In BT Content Showcase (with Default Layout) where there isn't this option, appear some images in lower level than other, because their title is 2 lines long and not one. So I would like the image gallery to begin on the same level although some titles are two lines long. According to the titles, I found this file mod_bt_contentshowcase/tmpl/themes/default/default.php, but there isn't exactly the code that you mentioned.I only found this: <?php if( $showTitle ): ?> <a class="bt-title" target="<?php echo $openTarget; ?>" title="<?php echo $row->title; ?>" href="<?php echo $row->link;?>"> <?php echo $row->title_cut; ?> </a> <?php endif; ?> I really appreciate your support! Best regards, dimkou
  6. Hi, I bought and installed BT Content Showcase with Default Layout. Is it possible to enable "Equal Height" in Image Options as in BT Content Slider? Also how could I make titles unclickable? I really appreciate any help you can provide. Best regards, dimkou
  7. Hi, I have set the follow parameters: Number of Rows-> 1 Number of Cols->5. When the screen becomes smaller, the Items of BT Content Slider become also smaller until they are appearing in 5 Rows and 1 Col. Is it possible to change the code in order the Slider to appear as 1 Row and 1 Col in Mobile Screens? Best regards, dimkou
  8. Hi, this source code was a part of JCE Editor's code. I disabled this plugin, but still there was the same bug. The problem is solved by disabling the "Touchscreen" Mode in "Effect Setting". Thanks for the support!
  9. Hi tronghm, I just sent you a message with the url. Thanks!
  10. It's fixed! Thank you :)
  11. Hi, BT Content Slider recognize the list of articles that I set, but it can't recognize the separate lines of these texts. Last word of every line appears without space near the first word of every next line. I added "Newline" as a Strip Tag and then articles appear as I wish, but the structure of the columns is destroyed. Is there any other Parameter that I should configure? I really appreciate any help you can provide. Best regards, dimkou
  12. Hi, when I click on images of the BT Content Slider then some of them appear twice. Please let me know if you need more informations. I have attached an example. Best regards, dimkou