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  1. Is it possible to o remove the comment "Power by Joomla Templates - BowThemes" in Login Form?
  2. How can I delete in the contributions on the home site "as categorie or writen by?" I tempt in the Joomla system everything! it does'nt work! Further how can I put new posts on the home page? To date, just go posts from the category "demo-categorie"? Again, I have tried in the Joomla system everything! Thanks for help!
  3. Is ist possible to chanbe the Logo Position, so that the Logo ist direktly about the Sildeshow Pro modul? Like it was in Arise I?
  4. Is it possible that the images in the bt slideshow will be over the whole screen? So that the images have 100% wide?
  5. I've got the same Problem. After changing the lorem ipsum text in the html Version, Format is lost! What is the Problem with this modul?
  6. Hi together, I've two Problems to solve. First how can I remove the Powerd by Bowthemes Store in the Fotter? And the second Problem, we Need to Change the currency from Dollar to Euro. How does it works? Thanks for your Support! Frank