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  1. Hello Nikki, I'm interested by your mod, can you explain me what you do, I have done the same mod for BT Property Filter, so that now i can have 2 modules which have their own price range. (i have publish it in this forum) Thk you
  2. Thank you Tronghm to check my site : when you check : "Immobilier/ Ventes" (For sale), you see properties, like in "Immobilier/ Locations" (=For rent) but when you select one to check the "property detail page", the link automatically put the property detail in "Immobilier / ventes / ...", even if you select from the "Immobilier/Locations" menu. I hope you can understand... so when people search in Immobilier / locations and select a property, the site return the property under Immobilier / ventes Thk u
  3. Hello, I have done a Mod to add a function in the Module BT Property Filter. You can lock the module "by property status", in the "Filter config" page. My problem was the price Range that doesn't follow the type of search done by people :Property For sale : 5000-1000000€, and Property For rent : 100 - 1500€ So Now i can have 2 modules BT property Filter locked by status with Price range for each. To do this : Declare the Text Label : In /www/language/en-GB in the file : en-GB.mod_bt_property_filter.ini Add : the label : MOD_BT_PROPERTY_FILTER_BY_STATUS_LABEL ="Filter by status" MOD_BT_PROPERTY_FILTER_BY_STATUS_DESC ="Filter by property status" -------- Add the field in the Filter config page : In /www/modules/mod_bt_property_filter in the file mod_bt_property_filter.xml After : " <field name="showstatus" ...... <option value="1">JYES</option> <option value="0">JNO</option> </field>»…..) » Add : <field name="filter_status" type="itemlist" itemtype="prstatus" class="btn-group" label="MOD_BT_PROPERTY_FILTER_BY_STATUS_LABEL" description="MOD_BT_PROPERTY_FILTER_BY_STATUS_DESC" default=""> <option value="">JALL</option> </field> ------- Modify the BT Property Filter : to hide the field "Property Status" Filter version default (vertical) In /www/modules/mod_bt_property_filter/tmpl in the file : default.php Add : line 69 : <?php } else { ?> <div class="form-group" style="visibility:hidden;"> <?php echo BTPropertyFilterHelper::itemselect($params, 'prstatus'); ?> </div> And in the Filter version Horizontal : In /www/modules/mod_bt_property_filter/tmpl in the file : horizontal.php Add : line 86 : <?php } else { ?> <div class="col-md-2 col-sm-4" style="visibility:hidden;"> <div class="form-group"> <?php echo BTPropertyFilterHelper::itemselect($params, 'prstatus'); ?> -------- In the helpers (the file that do the filter) In : /www/modules/mod_bt_property_filter/helpers In the file : helper.php Add : line 99 : if($type=='prstatus'){ $query->where('id = '.intval($params[filter_status])); } line 113 : replace : $options = array_merge(array(JHtml::_('select.option','', JText::_('FILTER_SELECT_'.strtoupper($type)))), $options); by : if($type<>'prstatus'){ $options = array_merge(array(JHtml::_('select.option','', JText::_('FILTER_SELECT_'.strtoupper($type)))), $options); } ------------ So now i have a problem that you can help me guys, "prstatus" don't return (in the "Filter config" page) the "property status" that i have config in "Property Status manager" So for now, i have configured them static In /www/modules/mod_bt_property_filter in the file mod_bt_property_filter.xml I replace my last modification with : <field name="filter_status" type="list" default="ALL" class="btn-group bt_control" label="MOD_BT_PROPERTY_FILTER_BY_STATUS_LABEL" description="MOD_BT_PROPERTY_FILTER_BY_STATUS_DESC"> <option value="ALL">All</option> <option value="251">For Rent</option> <option value="252">For Sale</option> </field> Thank you for your help
  4. Hello Guys, So much good improvement in this extension, thx. I have a little problem that i don't know how to fix. My configuration : Property status : "For Rent", "For Sale" Product categories : House, Flat, Warehouse... (sub-categories in Flat : F1, F2, F3 (number of room)) those categories are for the both "property status". i have a menu for people who search : "to rent" or "to buy" i use "property listing" in menu to show the result But, when you select item to see details, the item appears but in the wrong link.. eg : i search "to rent" a "F1 Flat" in the menu and the result appears in the "To buy" section. you can see this problem in my site : www.objectifpierre.fr (Location, vente menu) I have seen that the "property details of an item" show automatically in the first "menu""property listing" in which you have config the "property category" you are filtering, i doesn't take the "property status" in fact. Thank you very much for your support
  5. Thank you, i hadn't seen the access "option" in property edit page.
  6. Hi I use your great extension, and i am very satisfied. May i suggest that we could set visibility between users public or registered to see some "property status" for eg : Public can see property status that are "for rent" or "for sale" Registered can see all the status : "for rent", "for sale" and ... "in hold", "rented"... The idea is to modify property from "for rent" to "rented" (we can actually do that) and give registered user by using "property listing' menu" (filter "rented"), the capacity to put back the property to "for rent" status In the same way, Public can't see the property and also the price that have been "sold" or "rented" or "in hold"... Thank you for this improvement that i think will help many customers
  7. Hello, Thanks you for your great jobs on BT ARISE new release. I'm having a problem with the "joomla article icons"(not K2), no show even if all the setup is OK. Can you help me please, have you the same experience on your "demo". Thank you Jules Setup : Joomla 3.4 Quickstart install