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  1. I'm using 2 Content Showcase modules using different styles. I want to set the 2nd one to skip the 1st 3 results so that they're not both showing the same content:
  2. Just gave that a try. I cleared site cache and for good measure, I went ahead and cleared my browser's cache as well. No luck. Still doesn't work.
  3. I have updated to the 2.1 version of BT Twitter Feeds, but am having trouble getting it to to display anything. Here are the steps I took: Went to twitter page to create a new widget Saved the widget Copied the embed code Pasted the embed code into the module on my site The module is published and is displaying a headline, but it's not working. Here's the URL of my site: It's supposed to be displaying in position-5
  4. My bad, I assume spostlight was supposed to be spotlight
  5. Found a typo in bt_restaurant/less/modules.less Line 304: .t3-spotlight-1 .box-spostlight{ background:url('../images/bg-sportlight.png') top left repeat; padding:10px; margin-bottom:24px; }
  6. Didn't realize that the main menu is split and that only part of it is a MegaMenu. I did a lot of searching on the JA site and online but couldn't find anything that helped with this. How can I turn the right nav into a Mega Menu?
  7. Hi, Having trouble accessing the Forum on this site in Safari. When I login to the site, I get an error, but if I refresh, it does show that I'm logged in. Then if I try to come the forum and use it in Safari, it doesn't show me as logged in. If I try to login, it looks like it works, but every time I visit the forum, I'm logged out again. Sounds like a cache issue.
  8. Hi. Just signed up for the club, mainly because I think BT Restaurant will work great for one of my sites. But I'm having issues with it, both on the demo: and on the localhost version running on my Mac. It's causing Safari to lock up. The background doesn't ever load and Safari's CPU usage goes way up. Help!