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  1. The site is moved to its final address at I found why I had this issue. When I connected from another MAC, the module was there. I was therefore obvious that it was my own Safari configuration that was blocking the Facebook Like module : Addblock was activated on this site ! Everything is fine right now. I thank Bow Themes for 2 of their nice modules I am using : BT Facebook Like and BT login
  2. Thank you Tronghm. The site is I have now discovered that it is not displaying on Safari only running under MAC OS latest version. I cleared Joomla cache as well as reset Safari. It is working with Netscape and Chrome running under Mac OS as well as IE and Safari under windows 7 running within the Macx with Parallel Destop. Some conflict with MAC and Safari ?
  3. Hi, experts. I had the module installed on a site and somehow the module does not show anymore information from Facebook. I cannot know if this is after upgrade to J3.3.0 or something done in Facebook that render the module incompatible? I have installed the module on a J.2.5 site, keeping as the Facebook page. Nothing as well, except module title is displayed. I strongly suspect that Facebook has made changes that prevent this type of module to work. Looking at Facebook , you can see do not see anymore any result, the code does not contains any information related to the page end if you want to use Iframe, it says "A valid url is required when using the iframe implementation." Is this module stil working some where ? If someone knows how to make it work, I would appreciate.