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  1. Hi, during the register process,using multiprofile in Jomsocial, the template don't apply the style. The list of type of profiles to be selected are listed as a raw list with radio buttons. How could be modified? Could be applied a kind of table to have more than one column with a raw list? KR
  2. To share with the community.... finally the solution that Kien applied was: 1. create a menu: as in your site, this menu is: hiden menu 2. create a menu item, type: jomsocial registed page. 3. when registed successful, to redirect homepage, please copy file: ...\components\com_community\templates\default\register.success.php to: ...\components\com_community\templates\bowthemes, then open it, change: <a href="<?php echo $uri; ?>" class="cButton cButton-Blue"> to <a href="index.php" class="cButton cButton-Blue"> It works fine!. Thanks Kien.
  3. Hi Kien, send by email. Kind regards.
  4. Hi, can BT Travel adapted to use multiprofile registration mode in Jomsocial?. It seems that only one form is published...basic information (user,pass, email,...) It's any addition configuration needed? Regards
  5. Hi, when we register a new user using jomsocial module, "user id not found" message is showed after submit contact data. Could you help us to know if something is wrong on profiling? Thanks in advance