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  1. Any luck on finding the cause?
  2. Morning. yes that was ana example of it working on that page. If you click on one of the points in Saudi Arabia, you will see the same text and popup picture...this one even though it's the same code only opens in a new window... it's as if there is something wrong with the JS?!?
  3. Don't understand for me and from other "outside" PCs too...
  4. Can anyone help with this? I`m sure it`s a simple solution if you know where to look, which I unfortunately don`t at the moment...
  5. Link is active.. maybe I was in the process of checking a few things when you looked. I've looked for errors with Firefox and Firebug but nothing springs out as wrong. Some kind of JQuery-Mootools erros within the module maps?!?!
  6. There seems to be a conflict with JCE MediaBox Popup and BT Google Maps. For example, the media box popups work fine within articles etc, but when I add a link within the BT Google Map marker redirects to a new window insead of opening the popup. Here is a link to demonstrate.. http://relaunch.imr-...e/projekte.html The Saudi link under the map is a direct code copy of the same link embedded in the BT google maps module above it... the popup works as expected on the "normal" code under the map but not the code within the Google Map module. Any ideas how to resolve it? Thanks. John
  7. OK seems to be a cache problem...clearing returns the markers
  8. Didn't want to start a new topic as this one fits my problem. My markers are not showing... I mean I have added 2 last week and they work, but adding new ones this morning are not showing.. Direct link here I've tried address and coordinates...Any ideas?
  10. Thanks. I found that if I put it below the <div class="bt-inner"> it keeps its bold setting, placing it above and the title loses bold. As for the CSS remove clear:both, what effect will that have as I have seen no difference? Thanks.
  11. Hello and thanks for the wonderful Slider module. Really is great! However I'd like to have the images aligned left or right with the intro text aligned with it....this works. I would like the title to be over the images and aligned text... any ideas? Many thanks in advance!