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  1. Hi Kien yeah you were right it worked i am sorry, it not changed bcoz of browser cache now it all perfect thank you so much for your helps well done :)
  2. hi karma image works perfect after copy ur images. but that separator line it does not changing after i edit that pic. its same as before dunno why anyway thank you so much for karma images.
  3. yes it is, also karma icon i marked everything with attached picture in this reply please have a look
  4. Yeah new icons works nice thx But i would also like to say the border line of that notification button & logout button is not look professional atleast for me, in Default theme its looks nice and clean but in cyan theme its just look a partition line. in default theme it gives a 3d effect but not in cyan theme it just look like a cyan if you could pls help me to look better i attached both menus Also i would like to say that that KARMA icon never shows image on any themes it shows not pic is found i took screen shot of it in third row. please have a look. again thanks for files. and waiting for reply thanks
  5. Hello it works perfect on default template but when i select Cyan template there is small visual error in Jomsocial template. can u please help me out to correct this? the notification icons not displays well and also not feel like a button as home page button and also same error for logout button i here attach two images what i getting so please me out Thank you in picture red mark shows error portion of two pages and green show how it should be thank you
  6. It works perfect now no more error in that thank you
  7. Hi, I using Xampp 1.8.2 btw i found a solution but i not think its best one bcoz i changed code in ur sql file. so if you can suggest me better it will be good what i did now is i changed all lines in ENGINE=INNODB" to "ENGINE=MyISAM" in file joomla.sql and it worked fine. so please let me know if there is any other way bcoz i can see the problem with database engine. Bcoz i dunno which is perfect for ur template. Thank you
  8. Hello, I tried to install ur bt_travel_quickstart_j!3.2_v3.0 new pack on my local computer i am using Xampp but its not possible to finish installation its go till last step but in 3rd step when i click install it shows status bar and all then return to the same 3rd step page. Then i tried to install JOOMLA 3.2 original pack from Joomla site and i able to install the pack without any issues so i think there is some issues with ur pack i not sure so please help me out to install this quick start pack. Thank you!
  9. hello, please check this site , i just installed the template using ur latest quick installtion methos for joomla 2.5 but i getting error page when click on FORUM link, everything else works fine please go check. I just wish to know methos to slove this bcoz i have to edit bcoz this installtion i tried to see how it look on my server. may be i will do fresh installtion again. anyway i tried two times got same error on joomla 3 and joomla 2.5 so please let me know Thank you
  10. Hello, I wish to change css style of module positions of " position-1 , position-2 " etc.. I succeeded to change background-slideshow-home and background-slideshow, i changed it in style_bt.css but i cant find anything about position-1. The style i wanted to change is i want to reduce the spacer on top and above that module position. Now i place position-1 in between header and bt-tab in home page but i want to reduce the padding gap of position-1, please help me to do that. I attached a picture and noted places in red marks that i want to reduce gap. Thank you in advance