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  1. www.houseretail.com
  2. I have solved the banner issue, I went to the module in question, under advance option, i changed the module style from inherited to none...
  3. Hello everyone I really new to here, I want to place some banner from publishers but the banners can't fit properly to the module, how can i fix that. Picture added
  4. http://www.houseretail.com
  5. Hi Admin, I am having the same problem, with google btlogin, what should I add to redirect URL and Javascript. Redirect URIs: http://www.cccccc.com/ Javascript origins:http://www.ccccc.com/ Thanks for your relpy in advance
  6. Hello I want to increase the width of my template , Please does anyone have suggestion on how I should do that. Regards Ferdinand
  7. Hello, I want to add more menu to Main menu without the menu items entering the next row. Attached Picture below. I really appreciate advice and help. Regards Ferdinand.
  8. Thanks Rasu. I have fixed the issue :)
  9. Thanks Rasu, I was able to remove "Designed By bowthemes" but I still have a little problem, how can I remove "Joomla! is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License." I noticed that if you edit any code on "<small><?php echo JText::_( 'MOD_FOOTER_LINE2' ); ?></small>" default.php some things may go the way you don't want. I just want to remove the joomla footer stuff. i appreciate the help Rasu. Regards Ferdinand
  10. Hi I want remove the content of the footer "Designed By: bowthemes" and "Joomla! is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License." Please how do I go about that. Thanks Regards
  11. Thanks rasu I have succesfully changed the currency symbol. Regards Ferdinand
  12. Hello, I want to know how I can change currency in "Find your home " Module. Regards Ferdinand