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  1. Hello, I change /administrator/components/com_bt_portfolio/models/comment.php But I still see 3 comments. Right now, is only one commnet. I see this php: /administrator/components/com_bt_portfolio/models/comments.php, but I don't know If must change that file too.
  2. Ok... This solution is for the counter right? About the time? You said server address. What you mean? I must check something in my hosting provider? Thanks for the help...
  3. Hello, I'm testing and I see that have two comments. I delete the comments, but the counter still have 2. The other question is about the date. I write a comment at 3:00PM but when I see the comment, the extension put 7:00PM. Any idea why? Thanks, Jose
  4. Ok, Thanks for you help...
  5. Hello, Ok. And for the bt content slider, wich file I need to change?
  6. Ok. What is the diference between bt content showcase and bt content slider?
  7. Ok. So for the bt portfolio component, I need to change this file: en-GB.com_bt_portfolio.ini Is correct?
  8. Hi, Is possible to display the latest portfolios in a module position? Any extension to install? Thanks,
  9. You mean the language file for the bt folio? That's what I mean. I already have my site in spanish.
  10. Hello, I install the extension. My website is in spanish. How I translate this extension to spanish? You have language files to download? Thanks, Jose