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  1. Where to start? I decided to buy the BT Metro template despite its relatively high price (compared other templates out there) because of how the product and the related services were presented. Bad decision. Installing the template itself did not go straight forward. Installing the quickstart package including sample data on an empty site neither. After trial and error things were installed, but not all included modules were working (e.g. BT Slideshow Pro was making problems with the picture upload). I got in touch with support and got decent help from Kien Nguyen - thanks for that. Unfortunately this was the only positive thing about the whole affair. After that I ran into a whole list of issues: login and registration not working picture upload for bt slideshow pro forms are not using recaptcha template seems unusable on touch devices (ipad, surface pro, smartphone) Note: you want to check the last one! this is really NOT how a template should work on a touch device. I opened a support ticket on July 24, got a fast but useless reply (see attachment), spent the better part of a day on skype with the support guy and none of the issues got fixed. Best advice he could give me was to contact my hosting provider because some pictures were loading slowly. I followed up and got no reply. Today I see that the ticket status is 'on hold'. This is beyond ridiculous. I strongly advise NOT to buy this product. Furthermore I expect to get my money back. Talking about support Check the forum. 80% of the questions are answered with 'send me a superuser login and I will fix it'. Guys, this is not the idea of a forum. A tool like this lives from sharing information and solutions. If you put the solution to a reported issue there, this will make it possible for others with the same problem to find the fix without having to contact you and consequently your own workload will decrease. It works on millions of sites, why not for you? Last item - documentation There is documentation, it's just rather useless. It basically describes the site and template as they look like after installing the quickstart package. It does NOT include valuable information about class IDs, module suffixes, best practices etc. So customizing the template is mostly trial and error - and I heavily recommend installing the sample package on a parallel site, so you can compare configurations. Seems to me that is good at sales and marketing, but not much else. I eventually removed the template from my site, as I was not willing to waste even more resources there and went for an alternative product. I wish I would have done so from the beginning. I expect bowthemes to react to this feedback. The least I would expect is an apology and money return. But seeing some other posts in this forum, I have my doubts. I hope you can see from the time I took for writing this feedback, how deeply disappointed and annoyed I am by the whole affair. I spent the money for a promising looking template, I spent days trying to make it work and I spent nerves working with an obviously not interested support person.
  2. Dear Irene, thank you for your reply. I am happy to see that you intend to rectify the situation and provide better services. As you know, I am also in touch with one of your colleagues. We agreed on a plan to make the site work within a reasonable timeframe - or cancel the whole thing, if it does not. I understand the challenges of support after spending the better part of the past 20 years with setting up and optimizing all kinds of organizations including multinational support teams. So I am very much aware of the challenges you are facing. I also know that whatever the challenges are, one cannot afford to make customers suffer. I will work with Pham on the site and will post the results here, of course. Best, Sascha
  3. Running Joomla 3.1.1 with BT Metro. I installed the extensions, which came with the BT Metro package. When activating BT Login I get the following error on the frontend: Fatal error: Class 'JParameter' not found in /home/.sites/704/site1092/web/modules/mod_bt_login/mod_bt_login.php on line 133 When I disable it again, the site works fine. In line 130-138 in the mentioned file I find: if ($enabledRecaptcha == 'recaptcha' && $user->id ==0) { // create instance captcha, get recaptcha $recaptchaPlg = &JPluginHelper::getPlugin ( 'captcha', 'recaptcha' ); $recaptchaPlgParams = new JParameter ( $recaptchaPlg->params ); $publicKey = $recaptchaPlgParams->get ( 'public_key' ); $captcha = JCaptcha::getInstance ( 'recaptcha' ); $reCaptcha = $captcha->display ( $publicKey, '' ); } The ReCaptcha plugin is installed, published and has the corredt public and private keys.
  4. got it. this seems to have solved the problem. Will let you know if i run into more problems. Thank you.
  5. What is the actual solution? I think it's not very efficient for you nor the community, if you connect to single sites and fix the problem. This multiplies work for you and keeps the community in the dark. The idea of such a forum is to find solutions and share them ;)
  6. I don't know, which set was used for the template, but you can find very nice, free and customizable sets online. E.g. at and These should help you out in most cases.
  7. Thank you - good to know. I downloaded the BT Metro pack including extensions last week. I actually expected to have the latest versions in there. However, I will be happy to update to the latest version, if you tell me how to do this without having to pay again(!) for the extension.
  8. Hi, bought and installed BT Metro and related extensions. Ran into a problem with SlideShow Pro: When trying to import pictures form a folder on the server, the import seems to run continuously and does not progress in the admin backend. On the server I can see, that only the first picture of the image folder was imported to the /orginals folder of the module. I also noticed that the module is version 2.1.2 and version 2.1.5 is available. However, I could not find a way to download the updated module without having to pay again for it. Please advise how to proceed.
  9. This is rather unusual. Paying for a subscription typically includes the extensions and their subsequent updates. Even if this is not the case, the least I would expect as a paying customer is to get the latest available version of the purchased extensions at the time of the purchase/download. Hence I do expect to get the updated extension(s) as part of the already purchased subscription. Everything else would be rather disappointing. Done. All access data should be in your inbox by now. Thanks.
  10. Yes, it is strange. I am glad it helped you.
  11. Have exactly the same problem and no real solution, but after getting the error message, I changed the option to install 'no sample data', finished the installation and the sample data did show up in the end. Strange thing, though.