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  1. Are there any plans to switch to to the non cookie version of the Google Maps API via maps.googleapis.com or make it an option? I tried it changing the helper.php and it works fine. I tried to do a template override for the helper.php but that doesn't seem to work and don't like the idea of modifying the original file, just to forget about it with the next update. Thanks
  2. Sorry for bothering you, feel stupid...during my tests I messed up the colors and so now the active color was the same as the background color. Works fine, just like you said. Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks, the color change for the active dot works fine now, but the when hovering over an non active dot the color still does not change. Another bug or "works as designed" ?
  4. I have encountered the same issue. The color of the active dot does not change like I think it should / when leaving the slider "playing" the color of the dots is any kind of shade of the set colors. It's even on your demo site: http://extensions.bo...ro/style-2.html